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Qualcomm 3GPP In-Band Modem Router (with optional ACD and Agent Desktop) Learn more about 3GPP eCall In- Band PSAP / IVS (External Links): 1. 3GPP eCall Modem Device 2. Qualcomm Presentation 3. Pan-European eCall:   Standardization, Implementation, and Performance: 4. 3GPP Active Work Program 5. 3GPP eCall Specifications   6. Additional 3GPP eCall Information
eCall Router
Production and Pilot Installations Spain China (Multiple) Germany France Italy Canada UK Russia Sweden Poland Kazakhstan USA (Multiple) Romania Latvia–Lithuania Belarus Georgia Turkey Korea India Malaysia And more..
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“ MSD Decoder and Call Router for eCall Inband ” Applications: Emergency / monitoring Call centers, Telematics service providers, Mobile Health Monitoring, etc
eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server (eCall Router / Inband Router / eCall Server)
Software Solution: Install it on your own server!
Hardware Solution: Plug’n’Play brand new pre-configured & certified eCall InBand Server!
“ Our PSAP infrastructure was instantly upgraded to support eCall by using Gradient eCall InBand Server. Customer support was great and we had a pleasant experience with Gradient Technologies. In Addition to 3GPP InBand Modem they also developed the v32/v110 Modem server for us. Great people, great support!“ Cesar Satellite Moscow, Russia Customer since 2012
“ We bought the eCall In-band Router from Gradient and it is a great product. Gradient’s background with Contact and Call centers really helped us a lot. We are currently the sole distributor in Spain. We recommend Gradient because they have superb customer support and if you need to modify some thing to plug into your environment then they are always there for you any time.  “ CENTRO ESPAÑOL DE SERVICIOS TELEMATICOS, S.A. Madrid, Spain Customer since 2013
“ It was smooth experience to setup a platform for eCall Pilot Testing using Gradient eCall Router Software. Kudos to Gradient Team for the great work & help!!“ Huawei-Almaty LLP & W Telecom Astana, Kazakhstan Customer SInce 2013
Customer Testimonials